About Bozi Dar

About Bozi Dar

About Bozi Dar

Hi! My name is Bozi Dar and I help high performance professionals to land 6-figure job promotions...fast.

​More specifically, over the years, I have developed and perfected a proprietary 6-step system that helps achievers like you consistently score a 6-figure job promotion fast and launch a super successful career that 90% of people will never experience in their lifetime.

Bozi Dar

​My personal story goes back to 2005, when I spent three years of my corporate career working in an entry-level sales job, struggling to make a decent living, and getting passed over and over for job promotions in favor of others who were not really better than me. After changing two companies and still having the same abysmal results, I decided I need to do something radical.

I quit my job and spent the next twelve months trying to:

- Figure out what went wrong

- Come up with 10x strategies for career success (5x results in 1/2 the time)

Twelve months later, I got crystal clear on what was the exact company I wanted to work for and what I wanted my dream career path to look like. And so I started testing my new "10x strategies". Here is what happened next:

- The CEO of this new company sent his personal driver to take me to the job interview (by the way, there was no job opening at a time and I had applied for a junior role). Yes, I got the job two months later.

- Over the next 6 years, I got promoted 6 times, managing a $5 billion product portfolio in my last role

- During this same period, I increased my salary 15 times (most people are thrilled when they get a 10-15% increase)

- Impossible-to-reach mentors started opening their doors to me (I am talking CEOs, ex-CEOs and VPs)

- I started attending top executive education programs in the leading universities around the world

​- I was earning more money than I could possibly spend (extra bonuses, special stocks, new raises…)

…and at one point in my career, many of my colleagues started to approach to me to ask me how they could do the same. Over time, I found myself coaching more and more people, teaching them my strategies until I perfected them into a 6-step system which became known as the “Career Acceleration Formula”.

Today, Career Acceleration Formula is used by thousands of achievers from 20+ countries, working in companies like Google, JP Morgan, Ralph Lauren and many others.

In order to help even more people with their careers, in April 2016 I published  my first book (which quickly became #1 international bestseller) titled 'Promoted: The Proven Career Acceleration Formula to Reach the Top'. The response has been great and since then I've been adding several bonuses to the book itself in order to make it even more impactful.

Finally, I feel blessed because of my journey and the fact that I am surrounded by smart, achiever types who want to make the best out of their career and ultimately their life. If that sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome!

Bozi Dar

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