Career Success Manifesto

​Career Success Manifesto

4 Reasons Why Most Professionals Fail to Advance Their Career (And What To Do Instead) 

#1: In every company only ~10% of the employees are consistently getting superior jobs and commanding the highest pay checks.

They are part of the “10% Club”. As a result of that, they are getting:

  • Public recognition of their skills and abilities.
  • Best career opportunities designed just for them.
  • Extra stocks deposited to their bank accounts at the end of every year.
  • Hand written invitations for dinners with senior executives.
  • Access to executive courses and leadership trainings.

They are never told that they have to fit in. Recruiters fight over them. Bosses love them. HR throw bonuses at them. And you admire them.

#2: If you are not in the “10% Club”, the likely reason is bad career advice.

Most professionals try to advance their career based on common sense and advice they received from "someone".

That "someone" is a very dangerous source of advice and it includes friends and family (they love you but are not qualified to help you advance your career fast), media/web articles (their incentive is to keep you as long as possible on their website, not help you advance your career), self-proclaimed career coaches (who've never been in a situation like yours) and finally, company you work for (which wants to keep you at least three years in one role).

That's why most professionals get exposed to a plain bad career advice like:

  • “Work hard and you will get ahead” (If that were true, almost everyone would get ahead.)
  • “You need to network more.” (But no one tells you how to do that effectively.)
  • “You need a long list of extra skills and experiences.” (How come your CEO doesn’t have half of these experiences?)

This is important because if you follow such advice, you end up working more, progressing less, getting to a point of feeling frustrated with your role and getting passed over for job promotions by people who are not better or more qualified than you.

#3: To get into the "10% Club" you need a proven career advancement strategy.

A proven career advancement strategy takes out the guesswork and accelerates your career in a predictable way. Superior strategy is:

  • Simple to understand
  • Proven to bring you results
  • Easy to implement, in a step-by-step manner

On top of that, whenever I wanted to become better at something, my approach has been to find the best expert on the topic, someone who has been-there-done-that....and not a researcher, journalist or a career coach. After all, would you want to learn how to drive a car from a person who has never driven one in their life? I doubt it. Neither would I.

#4: You Have the Power to Say “Goodbye" to Career Stagnation...and “Hello” to a VIP Career.

After working for more than ten years with super successful people, I realized that career success is not based on luck, aggressiveness or workplace politics, but rather on replicating specific patterns of behavior. That is to say, extraordinary career success is something attainable to nearly everyone. All YOU need to do is…make a decision and take massive action. In other words, if you are:

  • Failing to advance your career to the level you want...
  • Tired of feeling undervalued and underappreciated...
  • Don't want to work hard and see others take credit...

…then I’d like to invite to grab a copy of my #1 international bestselling book 'Promoted. The book contains stories, case studies and proven strategies for advancing your career fast.

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