Case Study: Christina’s Story. How to Pick a Career Related to Your Major.


Ever wondered how to pick a career related to your major? All too often, many of us leave college or university with a degree under our belts, but struggle to find a career where we can really bring our skills to the fore.

According to this report published by The Washington Post in 2013, just 27 percent of college grads end up having a job related to their major. 

The report also goes on to state that a large amount of college grads end up actually being underemployed. In fact, in 2010, just 62 percent of graduates had a job that even required a college degree. 

Back in 2014, this was exactly the same situation Christina Kiousi was in.

Having graduated with a major in chemical engineering, she ended up becoming a salesperson. But because Christina didn’t have the opportunity to use her core skills in her career, she began to feel frustrated that she wasn’t realizing her full potential.

However, rather than coast along in a career that wasn’t totally right for her, Christina decided to do something about it. And so, while holding down a full-time sales job, she enrolled in an MBA course and Career Accelerator Training.

And, just a few months later, she found her ideal job working for the Spanish subsidiary of a global cosmetics company.

It wasn’t always easy, and many people would have struggled to find the motivation to do all this. But what makes Christina’s story all the more remarkable is that she comes from Greece – a country with massive unemployment levels and crippling national debt.

In this case study, we’ll be talking to Christina about her experiences, and how she used what she learned on her MBA and our Career Accelerator Training to build a successful career - seemingly against all the odds.

Meet Christina

Like many graduates, Christina Kiousi discovered that finding the right job wasn’t always straightforward. After studying chemical engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, she entered the sales industry after becoming attracted by the world of business.

However, although she was happy at first, Christina eventually began to feel as if she should be using her studies more in her career.

She says:

“I was never a chemical engineer, because the business world attracted me, so I got into the sales industry. After university, I worked for many companies, especially in the category of sales. As a salesperson, I studied at the biggest telecommunication company in Greece, which is called OTE. I was at the contact center.

“Then I worked for another branch of OTE, again in the telecommunications industry. After that, I worked for a shipping company. I totally changed the industry I worked in because I wanted something more challenging, and I started there also as a salesperson in the duty-free shops."

What Made Christina Consider Training…

Although Christina enjoyed all her various roles and the responsibility that went with them, she began to feel frustrated that she wasn’t able to use her degree in chemical engineering in her career. So she started looking around for ways to change her career path and give her the fulfillment she was looking for.

It was a big decision, made even more so by the precarious economic situation in her native Greece. But, it was something she knew she had to do if she was going to change things for the better. After enrolling on her MBA, Christina found out about the Career Acceleration Formula via one of her college professors.

Feeling curious as to how this program worked, and being impressed by its results, she decided to enrol on this too. The combination of these two courses of learning set Christina on the right path to achieve her career goals, and ultimately led to where she is right now.

How Did Christina’s Previous Career Make Her Feel?

In her own words, she describes how she felt at this time:

“I mainly felt disappointed in the sense that I didn’t have the opportunity to fully use my competencies, and I felt the need to do something different that would make the difference and that would entirely change my daily life and my life in general in any direction.

“I started wondering where I am now, where I wanted to go and where I wanted to be one-and-a-half years ago. So I kept wondering for six months what to do. That’s the truth.

The current situation at that time really frustrated and disappointed me. I knew that I deserved much, much more than I had at that time.”

What Christina Did to Change her Career

She says:

“I grabbed a piece of paper and I wrote down some very basic questions that I had to answer, such as where to start. Taking into consideration that it was a difficult financial and economic situation here in Greece, I might not have the results I was looking for and the risk to leave my current job at that time was really difficult.

“So I had to start somewhere, and the MBA was a start for me because my first move was to give myself time to think and make all the adequate research in order to create the proper action plans.

“I decided that, in one year from now, I mean from the beginning of my MBA, I would have changed everything. So I left my job, of course, and I studied the full-time program of the MBA.”

What Christina Learned About How to Pick Your Career

As a result of her MBA and Career Accelator Training, Christina was able to work out exactly what she need to do. 

In her own words:

“After the formula, in the first lectures of the formula, to be honest, I started treating myself like the ultimate project of the market job. I needed to have a serious meeting with myself.

“I realized that I had to answer to questions such as: 'Where am I now, what are my actual competencies to get to know myself better?' And I had to also find out where I wanted to be some years from now.

“So it is a tremendous strategic course. I also started extensive research to know the industries, trying to identify the best match for me as you described during the course, and I created my personal international map with all the industries I could potentially fit into.

“I needed a company with huge potential growth and I wanted to become a part of this company at the start of this growth because I wanted to grow with the company. That was my goal."

Time for Action!

Having established her goal, Christina then started putting it into action.

She explains:

“So then I made a list of firstly desirable companies, and I started excluding the ones that I didn’t want to get in. Career Acceleration Formula really helped me a lot in finding my way and putting things in a specific order to make a successful plan.

“First, I created the map and I started looking for companies. Actually, I was really looking for my one good best thing that you described in the formula.

I was trying to find out what makes me really happy, because if you are not happy with what you’re doing then nothing is going to happen. So everything started with what makes me happy and what person I want to be - where I want to see myself in two or three years from now - because I realized that this is a process. The Career Acceleration is just the beginning.

“The formula is just the starting point, because you get everything you need in order to succeed and achieve your goals. So I made my personal map and I followed step-by-step what you were describing.

“At first, I found things about myself that I was really surprised by. They were really surprising because I didn’t even know I had those competencies! And, through the test you described, I really found things out about myself, and I realized that I really de-valued myself with what I was doing until that point during my professional history.

“After that, I moved on with the industries. I wanted to look for an industry that really interested me, taking into consideration that the situation here in Greece, as I said before, was really difficult. I wanted to stay, after all, but I didn’t exclude the possibility of going abroad.

“So I made a list with the companies that I was interested in and I found only one company in Greece that really interested me. Otherwise I would have had to go abroad.

“The only company that was really important to me was Apivita. So, the question for me was: ‘Can I find a way to get into this company?’ because I saw their financial situation and all the things that were important to me for the company and this was really a good fit for me.

“So after that, my goal was to get into this company and discover how to find the right people at the right moment to help me get the right connection to that company.”

Here are the three key discoveries Christina made about reaching her potential:

1) The best jobs aren’t advertised.

Christina says in her own words:

“The best jobs are not advertised. They are created by the best people. I thought to myself that I am one of the best. I am the best product and I have to sell myself in the best way.”

2) Only send your CV to the employer that’s right for you

Christina was determined to find a company that reflected her beliefs and where she wanted to be in her career.

She says:

“I sent only one of my resumes to one of the companies that I considered the best, just to find out whether my CV was in good condition. So, when they called me for an interview, I realized that ‘Yes, you are one of the best!’. Then, you have just to plan a strategy to achieve your goals.”

3) Always have a backup plan to find the right people

Through enrolling on my Career Accelerator Training, Christina learned how to devise a strategy for approaching the right people. And, she also learned the importance of having a backup plan when finding out how to pick the right career for her.

She says:

I sat down and I was thinking of the best ways to approach the right people in order to get into that company. So I also had some backup plans, and I located these using all the ways that you described: Five people who can be potential connections to that company.

“I have to mention that the most powerful connection was not really the one that was my direct connection to the company. So, the one that connected me directly to the company was my backup plan, and that was really amazing because I didn’t expect it.

“After five attempts to get into an interview to this company, I finally met the HR director, because I went for an open position at that time which was a marketing co-ordinator (but I didn’t want that job).

"So my plan was that, during the interview, I would try and persuade the HR Director to my direction in order to offer me the job I really wanted, and that was really tough.”

Result: Christina’s Dream Job!

Christina’s hard work paid off, and she landed her dream job just four months after enrolling in the Career Accelerator Formula. However, at first, she wasn’t even sure if she’d made it through the interview successfully.

She says:

“It’s really amazing how the HR Director reacted during our interview because it really was a demanding interview. He asked a lot of questions about me because the one thing that was really important with that company was my personality, not that much my competencies.

“So I thought that it wasn’t a good interview at all. That was my gut feeling. However, at the end of the interview, he gave me a proposition. He said that: ‘You know, you are very good, and I have a more challenging proposal for you.’ And at that point, my eyes really lit up.

“And when he asked me the question: ‘Do you really want to do this?’, my answer was simply: ‘Yes, I want this job.’ So I was really happy at that point because another interview followed it. The first interview was with the CEO of the company and the president of the company."

What Were the big Lessons Christina Learned?

Christina’s success story is just one from people who’ve taken the Career Acceleration Training course. Not only did she discover how to pick the right career for her studies, she managed to overcome the difficult economic conditions in Greece to reach her potential and achieve her goals.

Lesson #1: Change the way you look at the professional world

A key factor in Christina’s success was the insight she got from taking the Career Acceleration Training Course. 

She says:

“First of all, I changed the way I was looking at the professional world. The formula gave me a profound insight of how things really worked. I would be willing to pay much more to get this information, honestly!”

Lesson #2: No-one will make the job for you

The next big lesson Christina learned was to take full responsibility for her career and the jobs she was looking for.

She says:

“You should create your opportunities and make a strategic plan of how you can utilize other people help you achieve your goals. You definitely need their help, but don’t forget that you are the leader.

“They just have to participate in your success, because there are going to be hard times as well, and you don’t have to be disappointed. You should not change your goal. You just have to change your plan and adapt."

Lesson #3: Your skills are more unique than you think

Another key factor that helped Christina land her dream job was the realization that her skills were unique to her. All too often, we can often put ourselves down and lack confidence in our abilities. But altering this mindset is one of the most important changes you can make for reaching your potential.

She says:

Our biggest competitor is the ignorance of our uniqueness. Actually, everyone is unique and has some unique competencies. So we just have to find them all out. Our opportunities are unlimited, and all you have to do is just chase these opportunities.

“Once you adapt this new mindset and you learn some new strategies, it’s a never-ending journey. Just take what you’ve learned, and build on these new habits and then master them and then build in more new habits. So once you have built a solid foundation and you see the results, this definitely gives you even more self-esteem to build and live an amazing career.

“The one thing you need to do if you really want to reach your goal is to do something that really gives you energy and makes you happy. And, by saying happy, I mean you have to smile every time you think of your plans and your goals. That certainly makes you happy!”

So What's Next For You?

If you’re feeling like Christina did, and want to know how to pick a career related to your major, then why not register for my next free career acceleration training course today?

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