Case Study: Mark’s Story. How to Succeed in a Job Interview


Do you want to know how to succeed in a job interview or just need some interview advice? For so many of us, it’s a nerve-racking experience combined with the frustration of not being able to quite seal the deal.

Have you ever had this experience? You’re certainly not alone. All too often, people applying for jobs let themselves down at the last minute – even if they’ve got all the necessary qualifications and experience to carry out the role.

But all is not lost. According to this 2013 survey by Careerbuilder, it’s often easier to fix common mistakes than you might think. And that’s where the right advice, such as that found in our Career Accelerator Training, can really help.

In today’s case study, we’ll be talking to Mark Dyer. He graduated in 2011, and went on to develop a background in supply chains, working as a sales co-ordinator in his first company before rising through the ranks into a demand planning role in the space of just one year.

But then disaster struck. During one of those dreaded ‘company restructuring procedures’, he found himself in a group of colleagues facing redundancy.

For six months, he attended countless interviews, unfortunately without success. He’d get through to the final stages, but always felt like he was unable to seal the deal.

Are you wondering how to succeed in a job interview like Mark?

After giving it considerable thought, Mark felt that he didn’t fully understand what was required during the interview process. And that’s when he turned to Career Accelerator Training for guidance.

After just two months of training, he not only managed to get the job he really wanted – he also got a 40% increase in salary!

So, if you want to know how to succeed in a job interview, read on. You’ll discover how Mark was able to apply what he’d learned from my course and get the real results he’d been looking for.

Meet Mark

Like many of us, Mark went into his first job after graduating in 2011 without really knowing how to succeed in an interview.

He didn’t really have to search too hard to find his first job, and he’d never been taught much about the interview process during his school days.

He says:

“I come from a supply chain background. I actually graduated in 2011 and went to my first company, where I was able to just start out as a sales co-ordinator. Then, I was able to build into a demand planning role within a year in that company.

“However, the company was going through a restructuring period, and they laid off a group of people - I was one of them. So, during that time, I’d been going through countless interviews, trying to understand this whole interview process because it was very new to me. 

"During that time, I didn’t have a structure and understanding of how interviews are supposed to go and how I’m supposed to respond to certain questions. I was just responding then out of gut feeling, really, and not being able to structure.”

What Made Mark Consider Training

Mark was in a quandary. He knew he needed to find a job, and he wanted to make sure it was one that fitted in with his interests and skillset.

However, he just didn’t know how to get his hands on the right interview advice that would help him land his dream role.

Having been going to the gym since he was 16, he was ideally searching for career in the fitness and leisure product industry. He had the drive, the motivation, and the enthusiasm. What he lacked was the knowledge to combine all of these and learn how to succeed in a job interview.

Then, one day, he came across my Career Acceleration Formula and decided to start taking his job hunting to a new level.

Mark says:

“I came upon Bozi’s Career Acceleration Formula. I listened to one of his podcasts, and I got his email. I felt like this was where I needed to go, that I needed to spend that money in order to understand what’s needed in the interview process.

“Whether you’re going for a role or promotion internally or externally, the same applications apply. So that was my situation. The true problem I faced was not understanding how to respond to interview questions for me to be the number one candidate for the position.

“I was able to get into a lot of big companies’ doors, but I wasn’t able to close the deal. But for this one, I actually used most of the products and most of what you’re telling me in the Career Acceleration course. I was able to apply it to the interview, and I became the number one candidate working within the health and lifestyle business."

How Did Mark’s Job Hunt Make Him Feel?

After being laid off, Mark was job hunting for around six months. During this time, he attended countless interviews...but without success. Frustratingly, he found himself always getting through to the final stages of the interview, but lacking whatever it was he needed to clinch the deal.

In his own words:

“I’d been to five different companies, probably 15 different interviews, all always in the final stages but not closing the deal. I felt disappointed. I found that the whole interview and looking for a job was like the ‘dark horse’ of work.

“It’s like you’re the knight in the dark and no one wants to be in your situation and no one wants to really co-operate with you. It’s you against the world and you’re the only fighter on your team.

“So you’ve got to find confidence in yourself, and you’ve really got to not only show but be sure that you can really help them in their problems. I was able to discover the internal problem that’s in the organization where I can actually build upon my credentials and build my candidacy upon that within the company.”

How Mark Discovered How to Succeed in a Job Interview

It can often take courage and resilience to stay motivated while looking for jobs. Sometimes, you can even start to feel really lonely and self-doubt can creep in all too easily.

Interestingly, Mark started off with our free Career Accelerator training course, which is mainly aimed at getting you promoted within your existing company.

But thanks to Mark’s own initiative, he was able to adapt what he’d learned during our course and apply it to his search for a new role in a completely different industry.

He says:

“Because this was my first program online, I was unsure at first. For example, could I get my credit card taken over? I didn’t know; it’s the internet.

“So let me see what I can do. Let’s give it a shot. It’s using Paypal. I think it’s pretty reasonable. Seeing that it was about Career Acceleration or a promotion, I said: ‘Well you know what? Promotion and getting a job, I guess, are two different things, but perhaps I can just use the same formula for the same reasons. So I said: ‘Alright, let’s make a go of it and see where it takes me.”

What Mark Learned Through Career Acceleration Training

After searching for a job for four months, it took just two months for Mark to find his ideal job thanks to what he learned on the Career Acceleration Formula. And, because the principles taught in the course can be adapted to all kinds of scenarios, he wasted no time in implementing these.

He explains:

“Within the interview process, I kind of framed myself as how can I help my hiring manager get what they want to get and how can I ask questions to find out what he or she needs help for without deliberately asking ‘how can I help you?’

“So there were three type of questions I actually asked during the interview process which were kind of framed around business strategy. One question was, ‘How can I help you maintain and exceed your business strategy goals?’ and they let me know what that was.

“Then I asked, ‘Because your company has been growing, what are some changes that you’d like to make to help the company grow further?’ 

“I think they were surprised by my question. I was able to gauge who liked their answer more than the others between the executives, so I knew I was getting somewhere. I knew there was some turmoil internally, or I could actually put myself in a better position in the candidacy.

“And then I asked, ‘How will my performance be measured based on you hiring me right now or, if you hire me right now, how would you measure and what metric would you use to show that we are making continuous improvement?’

“And I used that framework with Career Acceleration. The more and more I went through it, the more and more I kept on saying, ‘How can I help you?’ And that’s how I got to those questions.”

Time for Action!

A key change in Mark’s mindset when learning how to succeed in a job interview was this: He’d taken a 180 degree shift from saying 'Hey, what’s in it for me?' to a simple, open question such as ‘How can I help you?’

The other integral part of Mark’s strategy was to make his prospective employers fight for his input, too. 

By asking them how the company would measure his success, Mark demonstrated that he wouldn’t just take the job regardless. He’d only take it if he could see measured results of his performance within that company.

And that’s what made him stand out as a fully engaged candidate.

Mark says:

“When it comes to executives, I’d always felt like I had a hard time communicating with them, because I’m not in their position yet. 

“So I guess I had a confidence issue with myself initially, but I was able to overcome this during the interview and I’ve now found a place where my confidence has built to another level because of Career Acceleration.”

Here are the key changes Mark made:

1) He made sure he researched the company beforehand.

Mark says in his own words:

"It’s a demand analyst role so it’s very similar to what I was doing. Before, I was working in the kitchen appliances industry, so a lot of communication with the suppliers. Now this time, the manufacturer is in the U.S. and their distribution is with the U.S. market but it’s a Canadian company.

“So, having a Canadian arm servicing America, this could be interesting, and a little bit dynamic. They probably don’t have two-process management in place to minimize their inventory. I think they have inventory problems too.”

2) He used his questions to gain more information about the company

Although Mark had thoroughly researched the company beforehand, he made sure he asked questions which could provide him with clues on how he could bring his experience to the fore in the role he was applying for.

He says:

“I kind of gained by the questions I asked. Especially, when I checked their website and I saw that they had six brands.

“And then I asked them. They asked me how much I knew about their company, and I went through pretty much their history. I said ‘I believe you have six brands. Then the guy replied: ‘No, we have many brands’. So it tells me there was a lot of mass customization that may be not be needed, unless they’re applicable to their main six brands.”

3) He added value during his interview

Because he’d used his interview to diagnose any problems his prospective employers may have been experiencing, Mark was able to add value during his interview and present himself as an engaged individual with a ‘Can do’ attitude.

This is one of the key elements taught on the Career Acceleration Training course and it certainly turned out to be sound interview advice for Mark. Once he’d discovered how to succeed in a job interview, it was just a case of putting what he’d learned into practice.

Result: Mark’s Dream Job!

Mark enrolled on the Career Acceleration Training Course in February, and soon started to see the fruits of his labors. Not only did he land an interview at the end of March (just one month after enrolling), he was amazed to be offered a salary 40% higher than what he was expecting!

In his own words:

“I got the first interview mid-March, actually end of March. I got the second interview right after the first interview. They called me in and right after that, I got the offer last week Friday, and it was 40 percent higher than I expected. I was kind of shocked. My jaw dropped. I was like: ‘Wow, this is not what I expected, but I’m more than happy to take it. I feel like this is what I’m truly worth.”

What Was the big Lesson Mark Learned?

Mark’s success story is just one of many from people who’ve taken the Career Acceleration Training course. Not only did he crack the secret of how to succeed in an interview, he also managed to land an exciting new role in just two months after enrolling on the course!

Mark’s Big Lesson: Be Committed to The Course

Once he’d enrolled on the course, Mark made sure he put everything he had into it. He knew that, ultimately, his success depended on his own commitment to his future career.

He explains:

"Anyone who comes in the Career Acceleration Formula, you have to commit to it. If you commit to it, like commit to the principles and you commit to using those principles with any interview process whether it be a promotion or initial interview process, you will see great value.

"I’m not saying you take it word-for-word and ask employers straight out: ‘How can I can help you?, but you can frame all your questions around the formula and build your questions around it in order for you to get to the next level.”

So What's Next For You?

You’ve heard Mark’s story, so what’s the next step for you? If you’re feeling like he did, and want to know how to succeed in a job interview, then why not register for my next free career acceleration training course today?

During this training, I’ll be sharing some of my best strategies for career acceleration with you for free. Plus, you’ll also have the option of enrolling in my Career Acceleration Formula if there’s one open at the time.

Just think - you could soon be enjoying the same success as Mark by learning how to succeed in a job interview and get the role you really want thanks to the right interview advice. I’ll help you achieve this by showing you:

· The one BIG mistake you’re probably making that’s keeping you stuck in your current job - and allowing others to surpass you.

· My #1 strategy for consistently getting promoted faster than anyone else at your workplace without doing self-promotion or sending out resumes

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