The #1 Secret to Career Success

(And How You Can Use It To Accelerate Your Own Career)


"What is the ONE THING that separates the top 1% professionals with spectacularly successful careers?"

That's the question I started asking myself eleven years ago…

...And after countless interviews (many of them with C-level executives) and hundreds of success books read, I discovered their secret.

Before I go ahead and share it with you, I want you to know something - these 1% of professionals are NOT smarter than you, NOT more skillful than you and NOT better than you.

And yet, they are able to CONSISTENTLY land big job promotions, command huge salary raises and get the reward and recognition they deserve.

Recruiters fight over them. Bosses love them. Colleagues admire them. HR throws bonuses at them. New job opportunities seem to naturally attract them…

Because of that ONE THING (which you can learn more about here), these top 1% of professionals:

- Do NOT Work Harder

- Do NOT Suck it up to their Bosses

- Do NOT Send out their Resumes

- Do NOT Get pulled into vicious cycles of Office Politics

- Do NOT Spend hours Networking mindlessly (and hurting their reputation in the process)

- Do NOT need to Brag about their Successes

- Do NOT Get Passed over for the best job opportunities

So what is that ONE THING that drives their career success?

Here it is - the top 1% most successful professionals don’t just use career GOALS, they use something way more powerful which is...SYSTEMS.

In other words, instead of leaving their career success to chance, they follow tried and tested, highly specific steps in a 1-2-3 manner that consistently increase their odds of meteorically advancing their career.

They follow their SYSTEMS “to the T” so they can be the first in line when new job opportunities are created.

And whenever they land a new job promotion, they start using again the EXACT same step-by-step SYSTEM to advance to the next level. Like a clockwork.

Let me explain further the difference between GOALS and SYSTEMS and how that applies to your career.

You see, GOALS are “reach-it-and-be-done” objectives.

SYSTEMS, on other side, are what you do on a regular basis that move you in the right direction.

Let's look at the example.

Diet GOAL may be to lose 20lbs. Diet SYSTEM is to build a habit of eating healthy.

Fitness GOAL may be to run a 4hr marathon. Fitness SYSTEM is to exercise daily.

Career GOAL may be to land a job promotion. Career SYSTEM would be to develop specific skills (there are 6 of them) that you can implement in ANY future job to get to the next level fast.

In other words, GOALS are one-and-done and are used by one-time potential sensations.

SYSTEMS, on the other side, are for crush-it-now-and-anytime-in-the-future and are reserved for the real champions.

In the words of Scott Adams, NY Times bestselling author and creator of Dilbert: "If you study people who succeed, you will see that most of them use SYSTEMS, not goals."

​I find this claim to be 100% true.

Ray Dalio is the founder of the world's biggest hedge fund. His SYSTEM is called “The Principles”.

Stephen Covey is one of the most famous business authors of all time. His SYSTEM is known as “The 7 Habits”.

Tony Robbins is world's #1 peak performance coach. His SYSTEM is called “The Triad”.

Key point is that they all have their SYSTEMS that power their success.

The BIG question is: "How can YOU get access to the Career Advancement SYSTEM that can help you achieve similar results in your career?"

Before I answer that question, let me briefly introduce myself.

My name is Bozi and I am the career adviser of the Fortune 500 professionals as well as #1 international bestselling career author. 

After struggling for years to advance my own career, I discovered a simple 6-Step Career Acceleration SYSTEM which helped me land 6 job promotions in 6 years and rise to the VP level in a major Fortune 500 company.

Over the years, I refined and perfected this exact SYSTEM through working with thousands of ambitious professionals from companies like Google, JP Morgan, Accenture, Johnson and Johnson and many others.

Nowadays I am on a personal MISSION to help ambitious professionals like yourself to get unstuck and fast track your career through sharing this SYSTEM.

Back to your question.

I would suggest that you have two options if you want to start using SYSTEMS in your career:

Option #1: Develop your own career advancement SYSTEM.

The advantage of that approach is that a) you will build a custom SYSTEM that fits your needs and b) you will also go through the experience of making mistakes along the way.

The downside of that approach is that it will take a lot of time and frustration to create your own SYSTEM as systems are built over a long (and quite unsexy) period of trial-and-error experimentation.

For this reason, even if this approach doesn’t cost you anything financially at a first glance, it has a HUGE hidden cost (money you’d earn by having the SYSTEM right now, as well as years of frustration and feeling stuck in multiple dead-end jobs).

Option #2: Use someone else’s tried and tested career advancement SYSTEM.

The main advantage of this option is that it will save your tremendous amount of time and avoid frustration. In other words, it is the ultimate shortcut that will also make you happier as you will be making visible progress and feel good about it.

The downside is that you will have to invest money in learning someone else's SYSTEM.

However, key word here is invest, as you should think of this with an investor hat and expect a hefty return on investment.

So which option should you choose?

My view is that both options are fine, it really comes down to your personal preferences and how much you care about advancing your career and how much time, money and energy are you willing to invest.

I personally like to invest in learning the proven SYSTEMS from other people and then adapting them slightly to fit my own needs.

But again, that’s me, you have to decide what works best for YOU.

And finally, where do you go from here?

If you’d like to know more about the career advancement SYSTEM that has been used by the top 1% of Fortune 500 professionals from companies like Google, JP Morgan, Accenture, Johnson and Johnson and many others click here and register for the free online training titled “The 3 Secrets to Accelerating Your Career Without Working Harder or Playing Office Politics”.

The training is taking place on Thursday 8pm EST/5pm PST.

Training is 100% free of charge and is accompanied by a free career acceleration workbook.

During the training you will discover:

  • The one BIG mistake that may be keeping you stuck in your current job and allowing others to surpass you.

  • #1 strategy to consistently getting promoted faster than anyone else at your workplace without doing self-PR or sending out resumes.

  • 3 critical factors to choosing your next perfect job so you can be successful in your future role before you even start working

  • The proven 6-step system that helped me get promoted 6 times in 6 years, rise to the VP level in a major Fortune 500 company and increase my salary 15 times (hint: you can apply the same system starting from tomorrow!).

Click here to register.

    Bozi Dar

    Bozi is a career advisor to Fortune 500 executives and author of the #1 bestselling book 'Promoted'. After struggling for years to advance his own career, he discovered a simple 6-step formula which helped him land 6 job promotions in 6 years and increase his salary 15 times. Over the years, he refined and perfected his system based on the the actual corporate experience (no fluff and no theory), helping thousands of ambitious professionals to advance their career fast.

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